Blogiversary 9.0

Today mark my 9th Blogiversary. I registered the domain nine years ago today and have been blogging sporadically ever since.

Here are some Lego themed cyber cupcakes to celebrate the event.

Blogiversary 8.0

Eight years ago I registered the domain and created a blog that I assumed would only be read by a few friends and a random person from Sweden who was bored late one night and submitted ‘Australian girl’ in Google. My assumption was wrong.

Over the years I’ve amassed a decent amount of visitors and forged friendships with some amazing people. I’ve blogged about those who’ve helped and inspired me in previous entries, but I’ve never really thanked them. This is for you…


I hope you all enjoy these cyber heart cupcakes I prepared earlier.

Blogiversary 7.0

Today marks my 7th Blogiversary. Seven years ago, on July 18th 2002, I registered and started blogging about random events in my life. I celebrated this significant occasion by drinking bubbles with my beloved Tahlia and taking silly photos using my sexy new Macbook Pro.

Kitta and Tahlia

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Blogiversary 6.0

Today marks my 6th Blogiversary. Six years ago, on July 18th 2002 BSC, I registered my domain and started blogging. It’s hard to believe I’ve been blogging for so long and received nearly four million unique hits.

But this isn’t my first time I’ve blogged. Oh no.

Prior this blog I had a Teen Open Diary from 2000 to 2002. For those of you who know what that is, you’ll be cringing or laughing. For those of you that don’t know what it is, you’ll be trying to Google it and are probably better off not knowing. TOD closed down years ago and the domain is now home to spam links. I decided to track it down my TOD via the internet time machine.

Teen Open Diary

At the time I was teenager, working as a model and studying design. The majority of my posts were about my experiences in the fashion industry, which would have be interesting if I applied proper spelling and didn’t complete every quiz I found. It featured poems from my boyfriend, pointless rants and forwarded email jokes. I posted riveting entries entitled “I wasn’t gonna write but…”, “I have so much to write…”, “…and make you moan the ABC’s in spanish”, “Some things have happened”, “My day was pretty good”, “10 cookies, a piece of pizza & some M&M’s”, “Boredness, hornyness & kittas gentlemans club”, “Always a bride, never actually married”, “Long time, no me typing crap into this diary…”, “Doggie style & Things that piss me off”, “Does this taste funny to you?” “Freedom of X-rated stuff” and “Gutter sluts and Lush.” I also provided some code advice for fellow TOD users, “Kitta’s guide to linking in TOD” was quite popular, while “Kitta’s guide to Html Basics in TOD” and “More of Kitta’s guide to html” provided great insight into HTML. Everyone was so amazed by “Kitta’s guide to posting a picture in TOD” and “Why your pictures wont show in your TOD” that I probably should have won a Nobel prize for my work.

Thankfully, none of those entries were indexed, neither was my terrible first attempt at a website on a free hosting site – we’re talking black and magenta with comic sans. Sexy.

I went through my archives today and picked a few of my favourite blog posts to mark the occasion…

Here’s to another year of blog posts about random moments of my life.