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Let It Snow

Happy holidays! It normally doesn’t snow down under in sunny Perth, Western Australia – unless you count fake snow made with diapers and water – and we tend to spend our holidays trying to escape the heat while dreaming of a white Christmas. To rectify this predicament, I have installed the Snow Storm WordPress plugin […]

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Why David Sedaris Doesn't Use Twitter

I was lusting after the buttery popcorn infiltrating my nostrils as I waited in line to have my book signed by David Sedaris. My eyes drifted towards the sign that read ‘BAR UPSTAIRS’ and ‘NO CAMERAS OR PHOTOS’ in threatening capitals. Devar asked me what I was going to say as he ignored the threatening […]

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TopGeek 2.0

Australia’s second largest DSL broadband provider, iiNet, has announced the return of the TopGeek competition. I entered the iiNet TopGeek competition last year and after several rigorous geeky challenges, where I invented an iPhone app and turned my friends into zombies, I leveled up and made it into the top ten before I took an […]

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Complimentary Spam

I’ve received an enormous amount of spam comments on my blog – over 740,000 spam comments have been caught thanks to Akismet – blog comment spam was a hot topic at the October Perth WordPress Meetup. I remember the days when blogs were spam free, roaming the internet without a care in the world, and […]

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