Adored pet

I made a doctors appointment for tomorrow @ 11:50am. This would be all good if I actually trusted and liked doctors, but I don’t. When I fractured my ribs once, I waited till I could hardly breathe before going to the hospital. I’m really getting sick of being sick – if that’s possible. Tay said I should come to florida and visit him and I’d feel all better. Yeah, the florida sun sounds like a nice idea. Anyways, there’s a guy on ebay wanting to auction of the right to tattoo his forhead with any advertisement, company logo, or whatever the high bidder wishes. Tay and me are thinking of teaming up and putting some money in. How would ‘’ and ‘’ look on his forehead? We’d have to fight the urge to put “I’m a loser” though. I got a kinda funny e-mail which I think is a joke:

“What’s good? How are u? Your name makes me breath faster and grow weaker on my neels. I never knew the beauty i was missing until i found u on the net, u such a great beauty, a beauty godness, i beg to come and worship at your shrine. Every thing about your picture knocks me to a stupor of frenzy, your eyes are just like the one of Eve that is used to seduce and hypnotise Guys. I prome to Treat u as my adored pet, promise to never leave u but to love u. Am from Africa, i want u to be my wifey. My hand cell number is …………….., my country code is already there. Cheers, get back at me now.”

Eh, worship at your shrine? Adored pet? Ok mate. Hand cell, lmao his hands a cell, haha. I should stop making fun of people who email me, even if they are stupid emails.

Random acts of wankerism

I spend most of today in bed. Yay. Yeah, I guess I haven’t gotten over this virus. I made an appointment to go see the doctor about it. Anyways, yeasterday I had a very fucked up chat with someone who clearly doesn’t know me to well:

Iven Yackinoff: hello
Iven Yackinoff: whoa a real live slut
Iven Yackinoff: is too good to say hi
Iven Yackinoff: who would have guessed?
Iven Yackinoff: and one with deformed boobies none the less
Iven Yackinoff: ur ego is higher than my sperm count
Iven Yackinoff: how did such an ugly slut get such an ego?
la angel nikita: 1. I’m a virgin, try looking up the defintion of slut again darling – 2. You piss me off and I only say hi to people with personalitys – 3. I love my defomed boobs – 4. I was being sarcastic then you twat – 5. Your sperm count must be low, maybe even impotent, because there ain’t no ego here – 6. Bite my ass wanker…
*** Error while sending IM: Not logged on

Lol, ok…

Happy 18th birthday

Today is my 18th birthday, I still feel sick but I am enjoying it. My brother is protesting because I’ve been spoilt so much today, haha. I got a lot of books, more g-strings, bath stuff, rude cards and flowers. I’ve also had tons of people IM me on AIM and say happy birthday to me, thank you so much. You guys are the best. πŸ™‚ Here’s some more pictures of my birthday presents:

All images are copyright 2004
All images are copyright 2004

The second pic is of mr happy (he’s yellow), to go with little miss blow job (she’s blue). He’s happy because he’s sitting next to little miss blow job. πŸ˜‰ Ella sent me both of them, thankx Ella, you’re a sweetheart for sending me all that fun stuff.

KY jelly and cream, yummy!

I’m half knocked out from medicine right now, but I wanted to blog to tell you about some things. So bare with me for all the poor grammar, and spelling mistakes.

Candy came over last night. I was in the shower then I walked out and she was sitting there talking to my mum. Scared me half to death. I swore and then ran into my room to get changed. When I emerged, she gave me an early birthday gift. πŸ™‚ I got 3 mini g-stings and a rude card that said “let’s have a party, you bring the KY jelly and cream”, haha. I can see a lot of cards like that one coming my way tomorrow. I guess it’s tradition or something. Anyways, here’s a picture I took of what she got me:

All images are copyright 2004

One of them looks like something a stripper would wear. I also got a few other early gifts today as well. πŸ™‚ I’m getting soooo spoilt. I cant drink any alcohol because of this medication I’m on, which is bugging me. 😦 Oh well, I’ll go clubbing next week sometime.

The scourge of hysteria

Did you know…

“Electric vibrators or ‘massagers’ were used in the 1800’s to treat “the scourge of hysteria” in women. In fact, men were encouraged to buy them for their wives to keep them young and pretty…and to stop them from becoming hysterical! At first you could only buy a vibrator from your friendly doctor. But advertisements started appearing in magazines promoting the benefits of treating hysteria in the privacy of your home….wink wink. In 1918, Sears Roebuck gave the thumbs up to these relaxation devices calling them “an aid every woman appreciates.” By 1930, the real use of vibrators was revealed, thanks to early porn movies. And they’re still called massagers! FYI the word hysteria comes from the Greek hystera meaning ‘uterus’. Hysteria was thought to be a women’s disease caused by disturbances in uterine functions.”

I found that on some weird site. Hmmmm… Yesssss, it’s ‘hysteria’. πŸ˜‰