Playing With Balls

Last Sunday the PTUB (Perth Twitter Underground Brigade) crew headed to the North Fremantle Centre for BowlingTUB, where we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of barefoot bowls, live music, BBQ and beer. It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Thanks goes out to John Cooke, for organizing the event and cooking up the BBQ in the sweltering heat, and to all the PTUBians who attended.


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Tahlia's Twentieth

My dearest friend Tahlia celebrated her 20th birthday today. I first met her when I was 21 and she was 15 years old at a costume party – I was a bunny rabbit and she was a nurse – she ran up to me, gave me warm hug and then introduced herself. I fell in love instantly with her and I feel blessed to have such a kind, funny, positive and wise person as a friend. She has always been there for me, during good times and bad.

Last year we went to Kings Park for an afternoon of relaxing and playing in the park with friends. As always, my geeky friends and I were armed with laptops and cameras. As the sun went down my boyfriend and I took a few photos of Tahlia, the light was warm and perfect for a spontaneous photo shoot.


Happy 20th birthday, my gorgeous Tahlia. You’ve grown into a beautiful and wise woman that I shall cherish forever. :mrgreen:

A Belated Christmas Story

On Christmas eve 2009 I found myself in my local supermarket pushing a trolley with race car precision through the isles to hunt down a few remainder Christmas items. I inquired to a stock lady where the ham bags were kept, she tried to help me find one, but another staff member informed us they had sold out days ago. I decided to use a pillow case for the ham. It won’t mind, it’s just a ham, and I’m sure the smoked ham aroma could be washed out of said pillow case. An announcement came over the speaker alerting customers that only a few kilos of prawns were left. “Shit! I forgot to grab some prawns!” the stock lady exclaimed loudly, as she rushed between two trolleys about the collide with her reindeer hat bobbing along.

As I contemplating licking the ham pillow case I suddenly remembered I needed butternut pumpkin. I did a three point turn with the trolley and headed towards the fresh produce section to grab the last pumpkin. I was checking my list (twice, got to find out what food is naughty or nice) when I noticed a scruffy man with no shoes and a backpack, containing all his belongings, strung over his shoulder enjoying a few grapes. One of the junior stock boys noticed too. He scolded the shoeless man and waved his hands at him in an attempt to make him put down the grapes and move along. The shoeless man said sorry, that he hadn’t eaten in two days, and attempted to leave as the manager arrived. The junior stock boy looked very proud about his accomplishment of protecting the grapes. But the manager wasn’t pleased. He grabbed a bunch of grapes and handed them to the shoeless man. “On the house” he said with a friendly smile. A radiant smile appeared on the shoeless mans face, while a look of confusion appeared on the junior stock boys face. They both walked away, leaving the shoeless man alone with his grapes. Moments later the manager returned, handed the shoeless man a $30 gift card and said “Merry Christmas.” He thanked the generous manager, then proceeded to buy copious amounts of fresh food and other items.

As I looked around I noticed that everyone was far too busy with their last-minute Christmas eve shopping to notice what had just transpired. I received many gifts for Christmas, one of the most precious was to witness a gift given to someone who really needed it.

One Point Oh

A year ago today a cute boy sat outside my house waiting for thirty minutes because he was early, picked me up for our date, spilled his drink because he was nervous, watched the sun go down with me, picked a sad movie that made me cry, and then made me fall madly in love with him.

love you

love you

He’s the only person in the world who knows what ‘homp’ means.

Southbound 2010

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go, I’ve had no sleep… something, something, something. It’s 1:50am, our alarms are set for 6:00am, and we (Devar, Antz and myself) have only just finished packing for the Southbound 2010 music, camping and arts festival.

For now, this minuscule blog update will have to suffice, I’ll upload any photos I take to Flickr and blog about my adventures down south upon my return. After I have shower and have a long nap.