Supanova Perth 2010

I attended the 2010 Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Perth and had a chance to meet the stars and take some photos while doing media for the day.

Supanova Perth 2010-53

Stars in attendance were Summer Glau, Chaske Spencer, Dichen Lachman, Charisma Carpenter, Leah Gibson, Mark Lutz, Daniel Logan (who said “I’ll just call you beautiful”), Lou Ferrigno, Michael Winslow and Justin Randall. The only star I didn’t have a chance to meet was the gorgeous Eliza Dushku, I was late for her Q&A and she was busy doing VIP photos with fans for the rest of the day.

Supanova Perth - Summer GlauSupanova Perth 2010 - Charisma CarpenterSupanova Perth 2010 - Mark LutzSupanova Perth 2010 - Lou FerrignoSupanova Perth 2010 - Dichen LachmanSupanova Perth 2010 - Leah GibsonSupanova Perth 2010 - Daniel LoganSupanova Perth 2010 - Chaske SpencerSupanova Perth 2010 - Michael WinslowSupanova Perth 2010 - Summer GlauSupanova Perth 2010 - Summer GlauSupanova Perth 2010 - Summer GlauSupanova Perth 2010 - Summer GlauSupanova Perth 2010-14Supanova Perth 2010-33

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Blogiversary 8.0

Eight years ago I registered the domain and created a blog that I assumed would only be read by a few friends and a random person from Sweden who was bored late one night and submitted ‘Australian girl’ in Google. My assumption was wrong.

Over the years I’ve amassed a decent amount of visitors and forged friendships with some amazing people. I’ve blogged about those who’ve helped and inspired me in previous entries, but I’ve never really thanked them. This is for you…


I hope you all enjoy these cyber heart cupcakes I prepared earlier.

Red Dusk Photoshoot

I’ve spent the last week sorting through photos from a photoshoot I did with Red Dusk Jewellery, an online boutique based in Perth that specialises in vintage, classic, pin-up & burlesque inspired handmade head wear, jewellery, bustiers, corsets, masquerade masks & other accessories. I recently wore the black Encore top-hat to a friends Suit-Up themed birthday party.

Miss Yolie was our lovely pin-up model, she did a fantastic job modelling the sexy Red Dusk corsets and accessories. I used a basic set-up for lighting/backdrop and I’m quite happy with the results. I’m slowly sorting through the photos, but here are a few behind-the-scenes shots and a sneak preview of one of the photos featuring the divine My Little Show Pony corset.

[flickrset id=”72157624204555659″ thumbnail=”square” photos=”” overlay=”true” size=”large”]

The F Word

I was hunting through Valleygirl recently looking for a bargain. I found a few dresses that I liked and headed towards the change room. I waited in line and tapped away at Zombie Farm on my iPhone. Grow, invade, grow, invade. In front of me was a young couple, the man waited patiently and tried to say the right things at the right moments.

“Is this cute?”

“Depends what you mean by cute,” he replied while rubbing the sheer material together to see if it was durable.

“Cute, like, good cute, not bad cute,” she said while trying to explain the definition of girl world cute.

“I guess it’s good cute, this part here, what do you call it?”

“The straps?”

“Yeah, they’re a bit, strappy,” he said with a serious stap talking look on his face.


“Umm, bad starappy?” he guessed.

“You’re right, it is bad strappy, but still cute.”

The man was confident with his girl translation achievement, he decided to wet his fashion palette more.

“This one is a bit small, you should get it in a bigger size for when you get fat.”

The entire store stopped and stared; jaws dropped, hangers crashed to the ground, a lady opened the change room door to visualise the guy who called his beloved fat…

Did he just say the F word?

“Pregnant fat! She’s pregnant! I’m buying her pregnant clothes, she’s not fat, she’s pretty and pregnant, good fat not bad fat!” he quickly explained to the entire store full of females hungrily waiting to defend their fellow vagina-card carrying sister.

Everyone laughed and put down pointed objects once the F word was explained in detail and awkwardness was averted. The sales girl wished them good luck as he proceeded to purchase a five bags of good cute clothing for his soon-to-be good fat beloved pregnant partner. It takes a brave man to patiently wait by while their significant other try on varies sizes, colours and types of the same dress to decide which is good cute and bad cute.

Queen Mary II

On Sunday March 14th, 2010 I headed to Fremantle to shoot the Queen Mary II departure and festivities. It was hard to take your eyes off the immense Queen Mary II as she berthed in Fremantle Harbour, she arrived early Sunday morning and departed late in the afternoon bound for Mauritius. Thousands of locals flocked to secure vantage points and witness the largest ship ever to visit Western Australia depart Fremantle.

After some quick talking and social engineering, followed by Assassin’s Creeding through the crowd, I was given access to the Fremantle Port Authority building to shoot the departure and took some great photos on the roof. My only regret was that I didn’t format the CF card before shooting, leaving me with limited space, I missed a few good shots while deleting photos to make room. Lesson learnt.

Queen Mary 2 Fremantle Departure

She was indeed majestic, even a tad gorgeous, as she sailed into the sunset cheers of “aussie, aussie, aussie” from passengers abroad were followed by “oi, oi, oi” from the flag waving crowd on the docks who gathered to watch her depart.

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