One Movement 2010

kitta tahlia one movement

I managed to score a ticket to the One Movement festival in October, thanks to @lukecaporn and @KatBellaVanilla. Punters flocked to the music festival to dance like hipsters, drink sippy wine attached to lanyards, eat gourmet donuts and watch various bands perform over three days and nights. Sunday had a mellow feel, mainly due to the ‘sandwiches’ everyone was consuming, but also because it was a cold rainy day and everyone was too cold to be a douche bag. I spent my time hanging out with friends and taking photos with my bashed around pink bits (P&S Canon IXUS80 IS) while at the festival.

One Movement 2010-16

One Movement 2010-2

One Movement 2010-20

One Movement 2010-34

One Movement 2010-14

antzpantz minecraft one movement

Meanwhile, Antz found time to play Minecraft in the media tent in between shooting bands with Devar.

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Wheels & Dollbaby

I attended the Wheels & Dollbaby show during Perth Fashion Festival 2010, excited to see the latest collection from local designer Melanie Greensmith. The Wheels & Dollbaby fashion parade is one of the most popular events on the Perth Fashion Festival calendar and is always an instant sell-out. I wasn’t on media, so I decided to leave the 7D at home and take the G10 instead, but my inner photographer couldn’t resist taking a few quick shots while enjoying the sexy show.

Wheels & Dollbaby - Perth Fashion Festival 2010

The section I was seated in was close to the band, we were given earplugs for protection, which gave the area a music-pit feeling. “Free earplugs?! That’s the strangest thing I’ve seen in the goodie bag so far!” remarked one confused lady seated a row behind me.

Wheels & Dollbaby - Perth Fashion Festival 2010-2Wheels & Dollbaby - Perth Fashion Festival 2010-6

Highlights include the gorgeous Tiah Delaney opening and closing the show in leopard print ensembles, the models wearing cute pink robes that everyone instantly wanted to sell a kidney for, girly gingham dresses, dastardly denim, hot leather shorts and the guest appearance of Leah Wood, the daughter of Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie, performing ‘Call Me’ with Mark McEntee. It was a perfect mix of fashion and rock and roll.

I’ll have one of everything, please.

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Popsicle Launch

I was invited to the Popsicle launch party on a very cold night at PICA during the Perth Fashion Festival 2010, I took some social shots of the fashionable crowd and designers while sipping on champagne and meeting photographers and bloggers.

Last year Popsicle popped up on a bus, this year it could be found OnWilliam in a duo of shipping containers packed with emerging fashion, jewellery, art & other goodies. The event featured work of various Western Australian designers – such as Lonely 8-Bit Heroes, Bad Hair Mountain, Peppermint Milk, Little Gracie, Kiss Me Quick, Prufrock, Leah Tarlo, Bo Ra, White Square, Lovers and Dreamers, Heart City Design, Ping Pong Diplomacy and Love is my Velocity – it reminded me of a very funky looking pastel tea party.

I wonder how Popsicle will pop-up next year? I vote for bouncy castle.

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Shiny New Design

It was an epic journey that spanned over the course of a few years – code was lost in the battle, people were stabbed for bringing up the subject, Kitta cringed because her old design was so very old. It was all worth the stabbings wait. I now present you with a shiny new design for my website!

New Bits

  • Popular Posts – For people who can’t be bothered reading the eight years worth of posts to find the best posts.
  • Webcam Archive – Moved in with archives so they can snuggle on cold hitless nights.
  • Contact – Broke up with Colophon and moved into the basement for some space.
  • Gallery – All my Flickr photos now available here in a handy gallery form for all your photo stalking needs.
  • Lifestream – You stream, I stream, we all stream for… Lifestream?
  • Links – Websites I adore, endorse, follow and abuse my credit card with.
  • Advertise – Because I’m tired of replying to email with basic information on the subject.


The image is a reference for years to come when I change the design again and someone reads this and ponders, “oh, wondered what that looked like?” Wonder no more, future person! I’m a forward thinker. That and I have a time machine and know you should totally stock up on towels for the year 2076, that’s they year they made them illegal.

And yes, the Little Red Monkey will return when I decide to code the little red bugger back in. Look for him on a street corner doing tricks and sobbing because he doesn’t think I love him.

Perth Fashion Festival 2010

Perth Fashion Festival

It’s that time of year in Perth when everyone on the train looks a bit more stylish than the usual commuters, Perth Fashion Festival 2010 is upon us, causing everyone in the fashion industry to run around like well dressed headless chickens. I was approved as media for a handful of Perth Fashion Festival events and shows, which should give me an opportunity to shoot creations by our talented Western Australian designers and socials of the stylish folk who frequent the shows and events.

The festival begins tomorrow, Thursday September 9th, and runs until Wednesday September 15th, the program includes both free and ticketed events to suit any fashionistas budget. The events and shows I’m looking forward to are…

Fifteen Minutes

Newborn event created for fashion bloggers, paying tribute to ‘The Rise Of The Fashion Blogger’ and acknowledging bloggers for discovering and influencing trends online, Fifteen Minutes is an original runway show inspired by fashion bloggers of Western Australia. Models will glide down the runway in street fashion inspired looks, styled by Emma Bergmeier and featuring garments from Billie & Rose, Zara Bryson, Merge, Planet and Pigeonhole. Cameras, phones, laptops, anything beginning with ‘iP’ that bares an Apple symbol, more cameras and any tech device possible of accessing the internet are allowed at this interesting runway event. I’m yet to confirm or deny wifi status for the show.

Where: Fashion Paramount
When: 14th September 2010 @ 6:30pm
Entry: Tickets still available from Mostix

Wheels & Dollbaby

It’s no secret that I adore Wheels & Dollbaby. I’m looking forward to this years show more than Christmas, because Melanie won’t make you clean up after you unwrap her creations with your eyes, she’ll just ask you to move on to the after party and have a good time. I’ve already hidden my credit card, I’ll literally want everything that walks down the runway that night.

Where: Fashion Paramount
When: 13th September 2010 @ 9pm
Entry: Tickets sold out.
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