Shiny New Design

It was an epic journey that spanned over the course of a few years – code was lost in the battle, people were stabbed for bringing up the subject, Kitta cringed because her old design was so very old. It was all worth the stabbings wait. I now present you with a shiny new design for my website!

New Bits

  • Popular Posts – For people who can’t be bothered reading the eight years worth of posts to find the best posts.
  • Webcam Archive – Moved in with archives so they can snuggle on cold hitless nights.
  • Contact – Broke up with Colophon and moved into the basement for some space.
  • Gallery – All my Flickr photos now available here in a handy gallery form for all your photo stalking needs.
  • Lifestream – You stream, I stream, we all stream for… Lifestream?
  • Links – Websites I adore, endorse, follow and abuse my credit card with.
  • Advertise – Because I’m tired of replying to email with basic information on the subject.


The image is a reference for years to come when I change the design again and someone reads this and ponders, “oh, wondered what that looked like?” Wonder no more, future person! I’m a forward thinker. That and I have a time machine and know you should totally stock up on towels for the year 2076, that’s they year they made them illegal.

And yes, the Little Red Monkey will return when I decide to code the little red bugger back in. Look for him on a street corner doing tricks and sobbing because he doesn’t think I love him.

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