Tahlia's Twentieth

My dearest friend Tahlia celebrated her 20th birthday today. I first met her when I was 21 and she was 15 years old at a costume party – I was a bunny rabbit and she was a nurse – she ran up to me, gave me warm hug and then introduced herself. I fell in love instantly with her and I feel blessed to have such a kind, funny, positive and wise person as a friend. She has always been there for me, during good times and bad.

Last year we went to Kings Park for an afternoon of relaxing and playing in the park with friends. As always, my geeky friends and I were armed with laptops and cameras. As the sun went down my boyfriend and I took a few photos of Tahlia, the light was warm and perfect for a spontaneous photo shoot.


Happy 20th birthday, my gorgeous Tahlia. You’ve grown into a beautiful and wise woman that I shall cherish forever. :mrgreen:

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