Monthly Archives: July 2009

More Than Meets The Eye

I’ve spent a few days last week trying to find a mobile car mechanic to fix a broken fan belt in my Mother’s car. I was given the task because the car couldn’t be towed to her workplace and she isn’t fond of car mechanics. I assumed finding one would be easy and would only […]

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Blogiversary 7.0

Today marks my 7th Blogiversary. Seven years ago, on July 18th 2002, I registered and started blogging about random events in my life. I celebrated this significant occasion by drinking bubbles with my beloved Tahlia and taking silly photos using my sexy new Macbook Pro.

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Baby Steps

I’m currently working on some back-end code on my blog. If anything looks weird or you encounter an error, don’t fear, I am aware of the problem(s). Stability will return shortly. And yes, I have noticed that I haven’t blogged in ages. I’m doin’ the work, I’m baby steppin’, I’m not a slacker. Check it […]

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