Kit Without The Kat

One of my boyfriends highly professional workmates purchased a KitKat at work, and to his amazement, it had no wafers present amongst the chocolatey goodness. Shock and horror was felt among the workers to find a waferless KitKat. As my boyfriend likes to fight against evil doers and injustice in the workplace – occasionally when I forget his job description, I just say he works for Torchwood – he decided to call Nestle and transcribe the entire conversation, and then email it to me for my perusal and enjoyment…

“Hello, how can I help you?”

“Well, I just had a disappointing experience with one of your chocolate products.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, which product was it?”

“The KitKat.”

“Was that a standard KitKat?”

“It was branded as such, but I soon discovered it was substandard.”

“So what was the problem with the KitKat?”

“I guess you could say it had no Kat in it.”

“No cat in it?”

“Yes, it was missing the delicious chocolatey wafer Kat centre.”

“Oh, that definitely would have made the experience less enjoyable.”

“Definitely. It was a disappointment to find the absence of the wafer inside. I mean, I would say that would be the whole point of the KitKat, wouldn’t you?”

“I’m very sorry to hear that, Sir. We will have a refund out to you with an apology letter as soon as possible.”

“Thank you, I trust that my experience with your confectionary in the future will be much more satisfactory.”

True to their word, Nestle sent a $5 cheque in the mail for the anguish caused by the Kit being Katless and they have yet to figure out how to spend the immense sum. Another injustice solved.

20 Comments on “Kit Without The Kat”

  1. I live in York in the UK, where we’ve got a Nestlé factory… I think it makes more Kitkats than any other factory in the world or something stupid like that…

    Anyway, they used to have a shop for employees where you could go and buy the waste candy. It was perfectly edible, but it had just come out the wrong shape or something. You used to be able to buy enough Kitkats without the wafer to feed you for a week for about £2 (about $5 AUD).

    For some stupid reason they don’t do that anymore…

    I once got £5 ($12.50 AUD?) of coupons to be redeemed on Walkers crisp products after finding a bit of fluff in a pack of Wotsits. A friend of mine wrote to them to complain, explaining I couldn’t do it because the incident had left me so distraught that I couldn’t hold a pen.

    Sure enough they mailed out a letter of apology and treated us to free snacks… I reckon the complaints department must love it when they get these kinds of complaints 🙂


  2. i named my first cat, a mangy black and white stray i found wandering around outside my school, Kitkat. she was a temperamental kitty with a nasty swipe, but had a very soothing and loveable purr. i’d say that she had quite a lot of Kat with a touch of Kit on the tip of her toes.


  3. hey.. that was fun.. all this fuzz about kits with no kats here at kitta’s blog.. makes me a bit dizzy when i come to think about it but maybe it’s because all the k’s involved in the story.. i’m not very keen on k’s i guess.. my language has no k’s can you believe it?.. greetings from barcelona
    peace out


  4. As sad as it is to get a Kit with no Kat, it sounds like they have better customer service than most other companies I have dealt with.

    “Thank you, I trust that my experience with your confectionary in the future will be much more satisfactory.”

    Pure genius.


  5. kitta im not sure if you remember me its brittney. from the tod days and when you first started this website. haha you used to host me just saying hi. :mrgreen:


  6. Wow, so it is a worldwide phenomenon. I also ate a KitKat Chunky without a wafer in the middle about a week ago. It was pure chocolate, but without the wafer somehow it tasted weird.


  7. Haha this just happened to me as well. Found your article after googling various forms of “kit kat missing wafer” etc in a mad panic. Glad to know I’m not alone hehe…

    Maybe I should sue them for emotional trauma 😀


  8. It happened to me too!
    I tried a Nestle Dark kitkat produced in the UK and it has almost no wafer! There were tiny bits towards the end of the chocolate.

    I missed the wafer, haha. But all chocolate almost is also a score.

    I live in Canada, so I googled this thinking that Brit’s kitkats were always almost all waferless =)

    Interesting glitch, wonder if they did it on purpose.


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