The Racks Are Back

It’s that time of year again…


No, not the time of year when I replace images on my server with leprechaun porn to take revenge against hot linkers.

It’s Boobie-Thon time!

The time of year when ladies (and some men) take their tops off to raise money to fight breast cancer. If you have a moment to spare, go to the website and donate, or if you’re brave enough, submit a photo to be included in the great Boobie-Thon gallery (as I have done). And if anyone asks, just says it’s for a good cause. A big bouncy good cause. Boobie-Thon runs from the 1st to the 8th of October, and so far, they have raised $2,240 to save the lovely lady lumps.

Note: The above boobies are not real, they are a representation of a Boobie-Thon photo, modelled by the busty Oliver.

3 Comments on “The Racks Are Back”

  1. Found you! Not that this was a contest… I’ll let others do their own detective work. Very lovely, Kitta. Good for you in supporting the cause. It’s a neat form of fundraising.


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