At Random

A few random things about me…

  • I keep all my Victoria’s Secret catalogues for reasons unknown to even myself. My best guess is there will one day be a world changing event that requires Victoria’s Secret catalogues for survival. You never know when Summers Shoe Book 2004 could save your life.
  • I have a Medic Alert bracelet to alert people that I am allergic to CT contract and a few antibiotics. The problem is I don’t wear it at all times, it doesn’t fit me and I never remember to get it re-sized, so I keep it in my pocket at all times. My theory is a nurse will check my pockets for metal objects before giving me a scan. Hopefully this theory will never fail me, otherwise I could be deadidly, dead, dead.
  • I like the colour green, olive green, there is just something really sexy about olive green.
  • I play Neopets. Not because I like the community or because I like playing with an annoying mutated cyber animal that eats too much, but because I want to get to 1,000,000 neopoints. When I reach that milestone I will donate the neopoints to the money tree and never return to Neopets again (unless another urge to gain 1 million neopoints comes to the surface).
  • I mispronounce things all the bloody time because my mind is too busy to wait for my mouth to catch up, so there is frequent interference.
  • When I’m cooking I put on a voice of an old southern man named Crazy Joe who likes to shot things and tells stories about shooting/burning things. My family thinks this is hilarious. My friends aren’t so sure and may have me committed one day.
  • If I see you doing something and I think you are doing it wrong not to the fullest potential, I will take over what you are doing and do it right more efficiently without even asking if you would like me to, especially when it comes to cooking, if I didn’t do this I would go insane.

13 Comments on “At Random”

  1. the MA Bracelet should be pretty safe in the pocket because they check your pockets for all forms of id and information. ok rephrase that, we are taught to do that, but how many of the nurses really do it i don’t know.


  2. Dude, there should be a Sitcom about you, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and every entry you make makes it sound even better. Something like ‘Everybody wants Kitta’ or ‘Kitta’s Crazy Talkin’, whatever. Ever consider to sell yourself to the small screen? πŸ˜› I’d download the show every Thursday hehe.


  3. Victoria Secret? Damn! now I will have to toss all those Fredricks of Hollywood out and start all over again. Hope nothing happens in the mean time.

    As for you bracelet, you will have a 50/50 chance they will fine it, unless, of course, god forbid, you lose your clothes.

    You are sure welcome to take over my cooking anytime, I would gladely step aside.


  4. You play neopets?!?!

    I was an addict for years! My user is jenniferledbetter, my pet is KrawkishAttitude. I had the smartest pet in Neopia for the longest time. She’s pretty stupid these days.

    Anyways, want a million nps? I’ll send them over πŸ™‚ They sit in my bank doing nothing.


  5. If I see you doing something and I think you are doing it wrong not to the fullest potential, I will take over what you are doing and do it right more efficiently without even asking if you would like me to…

    Guess this means I need to get back to working on my website… (sigh)


  6. BCloud: You hear that channel 10, the public want me!

    Loddy: I think Noodlez owes you a refund.

    Jennifer: I’ve had my account for about 4 years, 2 of them I didn’t even touch it, feel free to send those NP’s my way so I can finally move on. πŸ˜‰

    Daniel: You can go to and request a catalogue. And buy porn, why bother when you have the internet!


  7. We’re all a little nuts, I know I am, but Kitta seems to be carrying a whole bushel on her back. Still, I’m told my experiments with silkworms and cryosleep should have had me institutionalised, but I was only 10 hey, and kids are naturally curious about such things.

    Try Muglets. Just don’t use a picture of your dog and his plastic duck like I did πŸ™‚



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