Bachelor of Crap

Gossip Magazine

Today I graduated with a Bachelor of Crap degree in the area of Brangalifer, the degree qualifies me as an expert in the elusive Brad, Angelina and Jennifer love triangle, and it was given to me by the University of Pointless Gossip Magazines (UPGM).

You know, a offering of a mountain of gossip magazines from a friend seemed like a good idea at the time, given that I was drugged up on medication, someone please stop me next time, I do not want to know Mary’s labour timetable next week.

10 Comments on “Bachelor of Crap”

  1. I think I read about your degree in the Sun and on the cover of the Star, but I didn’t believe it, thought it was just rumors, guess I have to start trusting these rags.


  2. Oh dear, dear, dear lord. What have you done? Hang your head in shame.

    I really hate these kinds of magazines and avoid them at all costs. I work with about 10 other girls, and there is always one in the staff room, I literally have to put it face down. Although, I can’t really judge, I just spent £7 on a fashion magazine, which was made up on a few articles of pretentious nonsense with page after to page of designer clothing advertisements. No very informative.

    I bought a DSLR. =)

    Hope you’re well.


  3. ooo sounds so interesting. so what kind of job can one get with a bachelor of Crap degree in the area of Brangalifer? i might be interested if it paid good. lol!


  4. I think it’s pretty interesting/amusing to read those kind of magazines, whether I’m waiting for the doctor, or my fish & chips.

    Where would we be without the glossies?

    [BTW, Mary has already given birth =P]


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