Things that make me want to beat people with big pointy sticks piss me off…

  • Creditors – who keep calling for my mum all fucking day long while I am trying to do things. The answering machine is not there just to look pretty, leave a message you life fucking fiends.
  • Centrelink – That one pretty much explains itself. When I am finally well again and not in need of sickness benefits, I am so going to go in there and tell them I am working with Goatse Corp as a Cyberspace User Naturalisation Tactician, just to fuck with them for once!
  • My eyes – Focus damnit.
  • Obnoxious TV Ads – Specifically that sale one at the Perth Convention Centre. Someone should go there and yell “cushionnnnns” while banging pans together loudly, see how they like their brains being forced to endure it.
  • Paperwork – It has a knack of getting lost easily.
  • Spam – Even with filters I am still getting offers for penis enlargements, grannies fucking dogs and other twisted things you really do not want to read in your email.
  • Cold weather – Hurry up summer.
  • Low blood sugar – Making me feel terrible (and yes, I asked my doctor about it).
  • Bad stabbing pains – I really hope the MRI sheds some light on why I feel like shit.

14 Comments on “Cushionnnnns”

  1. I can relate with just about all of them. I use to get stabbing pains feeling underneath my rib cage/back. Ughh… they hurt so bad.

    There is actually two types of filters in outlook for spam and it doesn’t always work. What’s the point now?!


  2. I am with you on all thoughs except the cold. Sorry, but as you get warmer weather, I get colder weather and seeing how this has been one of the best summers in years, I just hate to give it up. But I guess I can’t do much about that, so for you sake, bring on the winter.


  3. I want summer to come already! I want days of great sailing weather instead of the weird ass weather we are having at the moment.. nice one day. raining the next. Go away rain!!!


  4. yea I can relate to the back pains. I hurt my back in my taekwon do sparring class last december and since then I have back pains after to much physical activity. It might be sumthing more so I have to go back this october but yea the pains are a bitch and … I don’t know who there pimp is


  5. I had a funny telesales call on Monday. I’m staying in an apartment in Melbourne and an Indian man calls and asks for Mr such and such. No sorry, this is a holiday apartment, and I’m not the person you’re looking for. No I really don’t want to find out about Optus’ latest specials, even if it is guaranteed to save me money. The man then phoned back three times, but the last two times I was a fish and chip shop and Pizza Hut 🙂



  6. Those cushion adds, i reckon they are only invented to see how fast you can reach for the remote and press the mute button. They suck, no too ways about it.

    I need to get my eyes checked….mmm if only i could afford it. :p


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