Meet Alice… (As in Resident Evil Alice, not Wonderland Alice.)


She is a sexy Coolermaster Praetorian chassis, with a BenQ FP7IE+ LCD and a Zippy luminescent keyboard. Steve the monkey sits on top of her (kinky) keeping a look out.


I forgot to add Specs and Dan kindly reminded me about it, so here are her entrails…

33 Comments on “Alice”

  1. An aluminum cased Apple Cinema Display would go great with that setup.

    They’re a little pricey, but my 20″ Cinema display is the best monitor I’ve ever owned.


  2. You’ll never beat a 17″ CRT.. I’ll shut up now.

    And that’s the first illuminated board I’ve seen with a keypad, I must have it!


  3. Oh I do love the old Coolermaster cases! The new Silverstone ones will never quite live up to them, they might have the sleek good looks but as of yet they don’t have one which can support 11 x 5.25″ drives πŸ˜‰


  4. mMMMM Sexy…oh wait that’s today’s cam shot. I showed a picture of Alice to my Big Black Dell, it definately put him in a solid-state. Nice…


  5. I’ve been eye-ing that same brand of lighted keyboard for a while now at the local EBgames store, the price-tag was 79.00$ how much did you get yours


  6. JK, that it would, but a PB sitting right beside it would go even better. Alice needs a friend.

    Bob, tell your Big Black Dell that Alice is a classy lady and he’ll have to take her dinner if he wants a chance with her.

    Kayhadrin, its called Marine Aquarium 2.0

    Ricky, I think I payed about $60 AU when I got it last October.

    Nicole, the case was about $170 AU and LCD $370 AU.


  7. That’s a gorgeous lamp kitta :). I can just stare at my screen forever watching that screensaver I love it.

    And nice computer πŸ™‚


  8. Thanks for the price πŸ™‚ My cousins gf reckons she can get us cheaper via harvey norman in ozzy park but bugger that, i loathe harvey norman lol.


  9. Aaron the Truck Driver, that he does.

    Xor, I didn’t, it’s a screensaver.

    Nicole, cheaper at Harvey Norman? I doubt it, Harvey Norman are normally 3 times more expensive than Austin'[s (where I purchased mine), she might be talking about the FP7IE (12ms), not the FP7IE+ (8ms).


  10. Alice is cute!! Does she have the heart and the drive to keep up? just kidding,I like your system, keep up the good work πŸ™‚


  11. Yeah i think she is thinking of the wrong kind too. Plus harvey Norman is a mega rip off. from personal experience lol nothing i get from HN is good anyway, always some kind of fault.


  12. I don’t use Austin’s, I use Tandy. I’ve used Austin and the other store not too far from them. Austin were crap, and I went to check out Tandy. The guy there was a legend, so thats who gets my service from now on =)


  13. Xor, haha sorry, thought you meant the image in the post. The recycle bin is there, top right, I just changed the icon on it.

    Nicole, HN customer service is never very good either and they never have any hardware I want. I heard a story once that a guy went in to get a stick of 128mb RAM, the HN sales person gave him a box full of RAM and put it through as just one stick. The guy buying the RAM didn’t say anything, he knew what was going on, and once the sale was complete and he was out of the door he ran like hell and eBayed all the sticks of RAM.

    Baron, I always use Austin’s for hardware because they have the cheapest prices and their sales people know what they’re selling, I use Tandy or Dick Smiths only for cables and other small items, the staff there don’t seem to know a CPU from a PSU and they don’t stock current hardware.

    Daniel, I forgot to add specs because I’ve been preoccupied with doctors, so just for you, I added specs.


  14. Thats hottttt…. as Paris would say of coarse… Kind of makes me envious, and makes me question my choice to continue running a Pentium 366 with a PII, with its ginormous 14″ monitor…. Yeah, I know… Old school….


  15. I’ve only ever made one or two purchases form Tandy. Before that I was a cusotmer of…PowerPlus? Something like that. It’s not far from Austin.

    From my experiences with Austin, I have found them to be a bit unhelpful, and not all that cheap. But thats just what I’ve found, heh.



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