Del Genius


I sat in a doctor’s office watching the doctor struggle to write a letter. He was trying to delete some text, but backspace was being temperamental. He kept trying while I sat there thinking “Del dude, del”. He then finally gave up and said…

Doctor: “You’re the computer genius, what do I do?”
Me: “Umm, del.”
Doctor: “What?”
Me: “Delete.”

He gave me a confused ‘What is this language you speak of?’ look, I replied with a sigh and lent over to hit ‘del’ for him. The text magically disappeared and all was good… Applause ensued, streamers flowed around me and I was presented with a bouquet of flowers and a tiara (the …’s represent where I started being sarcastic).

I’m a del genius.

18 Comments on “Del Genius”

  1. It’s good to be a genius, isn’t it? The question remains, how did he know you were a computer genius?

    Do you walk around with a shirt that says:

    “Hey look at me, I’m a computer genius”!

    Cause you know… that would be cool and I would like one.


  2. Chris, he’s not my normal doctor he went through my file to catch up and in my back pain section it has something about how I did web design a few years ago. My doctor at the time thought sitting in a chair all day was causing my back pain, but it wasn’t. So he now thinks I’m a computer genius.


  3. Welcome to my life.

    “Switch the monitor on”
    “You can’t logout cuz your folder is pressing about fives keys down…”
    “The fax makes a copy and you keep the original, yes…”


  4. Gah. All n00bs deserve to be pnwd. I can’t stand those people who need help performing the simplest of computer-related tasks. Computers are here to stay, so they might aswell learn how to use one.

    On the flip side, I hate it when someone asks you how to make a computer do something that is impossible to do, making me look like the dumbass, and then my friend Andrew comes in and does something totally unrelated to what the person wanted and the person’s all “Cool, thanks!” and I stand there confused.

    Not that it ever happened to me, of course… <<    >>


  5. BWAHAHA I wish I’d thought of that ‘del’ key thing!! But I maintain that if you want to see people who are really technologically challenged, you should get a job with me!


  6. Oh my god, Kitta, I had a similar experience when I taught a woman behind the desk at an auto repair place how to cut and paste. She was manually entering VIN numbers (if you don’t know what these are, think number big enough to be unique for every car in the U.S.) from one program into another. She got so excited, she kissed me on the spot. Imagine not knowing how to cut and paste.

    Next lesson: Advanced cut and paste with Ctrl-c Ctrl-v (oooh scary)


  7. Can I do the same on my key punch?

    Just kidding, computers are simple if you were raised with them, but how many of us can milk a cow, point being, not everyone can sit by a computer all day. Helping them out shouldn’t be that much trouble for those in the know.

    Nice of you to help out Kitta.


  8. So I’f you can milk a cow and use a computer you are something special?

    Well just today I had to create a big button and macro so the boss’ sister could save the spreadsheet I had created for her … see hitting the little disk is too much to remember and don’t even get me started on the “file” drop down menu …


  9. Muh ha ha ha!
    Thats really nice of you Kitta, to help your poor doctor so.
    Now mabey they will finaly fix you up… X_X


  10. i’m sorry, but what the hell kind of doctor doesn’t know how to use the delete button??!! and are you sure you want THAT guy to be your doc?


  11. You must have thought some one was trying to tall you something lol lol.. you look good kitta in your new cam shot, glad you feeling better. How about a photo of your house. now you have a new phone cam?


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