We have a problem… Camp is a chewer.

She didn’t let her problem come to the surface during the first few weeks, she was clearly trying to hide it, but then the urges became too strong and she JUST HAD TO CHEW SOMETHING!

The something’s started off harmlessly with her large variety of toys. She de-caped her dog beer, de-squeaked her daily rover, and gnawed away at her ball on a rope. But that wasn’t enough, oh no, the toys didn’t quench her insane thirst to chew something, and this morning she finally sunk to all new chewing lows…

She chewed a wooden door stop.


We’re now contemplating counselling to help her deal with her chewing addiction.

24 Comments on “Chewed”

  1. Suggested image caption: “Still Life with Woodchips”

    The bright side: At least Camp has chosen to chew
    a. his toys
    b. inexpensive items


  2. At least Camp was thoughtful enough to arrange *her work neatly for the photograph. (Must have been hard to arrange those small wood chips without opposable thumbs.)

    I don’t believe they sell “dog beer” here in Boston. Hmmm. Business idea…


  3. Ricky, maybe Dr Harry should stop by, the cat and camp still aren’t getting along. 😕

    Jcwinnie, we didn’t actually pay anything for camp and now we know why… She was a giant Kiwi termite all along.

    Gary, Amazon has beaten you to it, they sell (well used to, it’s currently not available) a Buddy Weiser dog beer toy.


  4. I’m undaunted by competition from Amazon. Pfft. Amazon. Who are they?

    Is Camp available for a photoshoot to promote my new (less filling) dog beer?


  5. Gary, yes Camp is available, but she does have a few diva demands though, such as…

    12 bottles of Evian spring water, 4 wooden door stops, large collection of squeaky toys, white (not red) raw hide treats, a selection of meats, 3 sausages cut up into tiny bits and arranged into a castle, a bowl full of steaming green peas, a pink Egyptian cotton dog bed and a personal groomer.

    She will not work for anything less!


  6. Kitta I don’t want to alarm you but I heard door stops and chew toys are just “gateway gnaws” to much more expensive chomping addictions like, strappy shoes and favourite T-Shirts…

    You might wanna nip this habit in the bud fairly soon, before she turns into a right chomper! 😛


  7. Maybe she has a “stop chewing” command stuffed somewhere up in her fury head between “sit” and “roll over”. Just spit random things at her (commands, don’t actually spit) next time, and maybe you can crack her doggy code.


  8. I’m not at all sure there’s anything to be done. In the world of the pooch, once a chewer, always a chewer. Some kind of instinct, I’m told.


  9. I heard that you can help chewers by spraying non chewables with bitterapple. it never worked for samson though. she’s a puppy though and she’s teething isn’t she?


  10. Oh NOSE!

    With my dog we just squirt water at her from a spray bottle…

    Soo… Mabey Camp just didn’t like what was on the news?


  11. Loddy, I am aware of this and I have barricaded my shoes in my closet and hired midgets to guard them.

    Kris, tried that. ‘No’ seems to work best.

    JJ, Camp isn’t a puppy. She’s roughly 2 years old.

    Youkie, Camp doesn’t mind water, so that wouldn’t work.

    Mark, dinner at your place must be odd.
    “Another doorstop?”
    “Oh no, I filled up on the wood chippings.”


  12. hey kitta, i got an idea *ding.. why dont you introduce lil camp to some bones, plastic and stuff,, it cant taste to good for a doggy


  13. I tried looking at the link for giving critisism, however, it was a 404 and I must pour my diatribe as is.

    Having stuff chewed on is your own fault for getting a Jack Russel. Just be thankful he hasn’t started digging through the couch yet. Often times when dogs chew stuff its stems from a lack of activation, our own dear mutt chewed up our bedframe ever so nicely before we remembered to go for a proper (1-2 hour) walk with him every day (he’s a large dog afterall). For a Jack Russel, getting to hunt rats, for example in an old barn, is heaven and activation enough.

    Cheers, like your site.


  14. Jonas, everyone has been telling us that since she’s a Jack Russel she’d be scaling our fences and so far she hasn’t even scaled into the bath tub for us to wash her. I don’t think stereotyping certain breeds of dogs is a good idea, especially when the dog is a mix breed. Chewing isn’t big thing to me, I’ve had dogs that would dig up the entire reticulation system and even then I still loved them. We do take her for walks and she attends agility training. Her previous owners have informed us that she just likes chewing things, but only things she finds laying around, not bed posts. All dogs have their little quirks and for once I’m glad it’s chewing and not nothing major like biting.


  15. Mark (now with 10% more wood), yesterday we found out a gang of rats is setting up a rat style mafia in our garage, so Camp will be put to good use.


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