The Mystery Illness

“You look like shit.” My doctor said that to me last Wednesday and I think it sums up the last two weeks perfectly. I’ve never felt so shitty in my life, I doubt I even felt this level of shittyness when I had influenza a few years back, or that horrible UTI which knocked me off my feet last year.

The blood results came back yesterday, they called to tell me that I’m negative for whooping cough. So hopefully people will stop making up excuses like “oh, I can’t come round because, umm, I just cut my legs off” to stay away from me. I can’t get in to see my doctor until next Monday, “she’s not in” I was told. Not in? Aren’t doctors meant to be superior beings who never get sick and because of this they are forced to write so poorly?

“An American cardiologist was fined $225 000 in 1999 after scrawling a prescription that was misunderstood, resulting in the death of a patient. Ramachandra Kolluru wrote a prescription for Isordil, an antianginal drug, which was misread by the pharmacist as Plendil, an antihypertensive drug. The patient took twice the recommended daily dose of Plendil and died of a heart attack several days later.”

I’m guessing that I should keep taking the antibiotics I’m on since she didn’t really cover what to do if it wasn’t whooping cough. They (the antibiotics) cover most respiratory problems and seem to be helping. I am slowly starting to feel better. I’m sleeping a solid five hours at night and today was the first day that the clouds in my mind had cleared and I could get some work done. Glorious clear mind, how I missed thee.

I am quite annoyed with this mystery illness, so far, I’ve missed Perths first blogging conference (which I hear was fantastic) and Halloween. Melbourne cup day also passed me by today. My cup day shoes and dress sit in a draw crying silently, the shoes can be heard mumbling something about how my feet aren’t good enough for them. I promised I’d make it up to them, take them out for a night on the town when I’m well, they just pouted their heel.

If I get worse I’ll try to get in to see another doctor, otherwise, all I can do is watch Oprah and knit more scarfs to add to the pile. I’m turning into one of those people who watch way too much TV and say “Oprah said…”

It’s scary.

20 Comments on “The Mystery Illness”

  1. gosh ! you must have got a real nasty chest infection, i had one once, it took 3weeks to get rid,, hot steamy baths in that bubbley radox stuff helped the congestion for me, o and dare i say it, rub some vic on your chest at night


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  3. I am glad you see light at the end of the tunnel with your mystery illness. It is not fun being sick. On to your comment about Melbourne cup day. I heard the same mare has won 2 years in a row. The first to do so in something like 144 years. I may have heard wrong also. Pretty huge feat for a female horse against the boys. I am just getting back from Texas where they just ran the Breeders cup. A lot of dresses and big hats. Well I hope you continue to feel better, keep smiling


  4. ahh kitta! you host me and i think you might of changed my password. i don’t know if it was on accident or if you did it on purpose because you don’t want to host me anymore. 😦 well message me on aim or email me back if there are any problems! thanks!


  5. Sorry to hear that you feel so bad. It kind of sounds like you have the flu and maybe bronchitis. But I’m not a doctor, so who knows?


  6. I’m clicking my heels together 3 times…
    …there’s no germs in Kitta, there’s no germs in Kitta!

    Go on champ!! Get well sooner!!

    Loddy x


  7. if anything you remind me of Amelie. get better kiddo. I’m still waiting for you lactaid but when it gets here I’ll be sending it there.


  8. Blessed are the sick – Morbid Angel said so. Fear not the microbes Kitta, they are weak and wihout guidance. Continue on with the path of faith and purity. Regards from the Great White North,



  9. Hey,
    I noticed your sick again. Thats shitty. Well I hope you better soon and hey your not the only one who gets sick quite a bit. I got the flu shot so i will be sick in like 7 days guarenteed. Fuckin shitty deals. Any whay wanted to say hi… later


  10. hey kitta, hope you’re beginning to feel a bit better now. i hate getting sick especially when it really takes you like like this. get stuck into the warm soup and veggie juice to get your immune system up.


  11. Thank you all for the well wishes.:)

    Keddy, I didn’t get my flu shot this year, first time I’ve been without it in over 5 years. Next year I’m so getting it.


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