Paw Print

Before I hit ‘Publish’ on the last entry that I posted, I thought “am I being silly or overdramatic about this?”. I wasn’t sure how to feel. Should I tell people I’m fine? Or should I share my pain? In the end I shared, and hoped others had been through the same thing.

“Our little friends become such a part of our lives, that to see their face can brighten our day, but losing them feels like losing a piece of our souls. We loved unconditionally, without regard for faults or mistakes, but with a shared bond of friendship and adventure.”

Paw Print

This last week I’ve felt sad, tired and pissed off – to the point where I even threatened to choke the local vets with one of their overpriced leads that they sell. The amount of cyber love and well wishes I’ve received this last week was un-expected and made things a lot easier, so I want to say thank you. The internet can be so fucking amazing at times.

We also received a card from the Emergency Vet Centre that we took Harry to, it had his paw print and a kind message to us inside. It’s nice to know some people still care.

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  1. Wow, i go to the homepage and all of a sudden there’s a new entry, and there wasn’t a few minutes ago 😮 the internet really is fucking amazing!

    That was very nice of them to send that card 🙂 I wish more people were like that. I bet most vets would just give you your bill and send you on your way 😦


  2. I’m really sorry to hear of your loss Kitta. Our family ended up putting our loving friend (a Bouvier by the name of Belle) down about two months ago. In some respect, I have not come to grips with the fact that the girl won’t be running down the hallway after me when she hears the toast come out of the toaster or my shoelaces being tied as I prepare to go outside. Reading your beautiful posts about Harry have helped me more than words can explain.



  3. hey kitta, sorry to hear of your loss. i do understand what you are going through as i too have had to deal with the sudden loss of a pet. one of my childhood pets, ‘mother cat’ had seizures for about a week before we put her down and i remember sitting in the car outside the vets and hearing her screaming (i was about 16 and couldn’t handle staying with her while the vet did what he did). i was really traumatised over that. it is so painful but then you remember the great times you had together, and you have heaps of photos to remember your pet – your friend – by.
    i’ve just moved down your way and got my first cat since i left home (i was living in flats and now i’ve a house). my b/f dislikes (not hates) cats but he will get used to her…. slowly. i really think having an animal in your life effects you tremendously and you are much better having had an animal friend and having lost them, rather than having none at all.


  4. Hey kitta, your not being silly.. not at all, you lost a family member and of course you should write about it and share your pain.. we are all thinking of you in your time of loss and hoping all the best for you xxxxxx take care hun!


  5. I’ve never actually commented here before but I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am… I’ve been through what you’re going through (though it’s never the same for each person) and believe me, you weren’t overly dramatic at all. I don’t think you COULD be overly dramatic in this case. He was adorable and if I was in Australia I would kill the vets for you. How irresponsible to tell you he’s fine when he’s so obviously not. Again, I’m sorry. Though that was really nice of the emergency vets to send you the card – very thoughtful touch.


  6. i’m sorry kitta. i missed the whole thing. that’s so sad about your dog. i know you loved him. and yeah, that’s a really cute card they sent. what a nice thought. <3


  7. hmm i lost my dog a few years ago due to some cancer. i didn’t get anything from the vet. but that paw print card thing is really nice. good on them 🙂


  8. Reminds me of an awesome Cat Stevens song

    “I love my dog
    As much as I love you,
    You may fade,
    My dog will always come through.”

    That song applies to every ex-girlfriend and every dog I have ever had.

    Growing up on a farm meant that I had to do the putting down every now and then. Never a nice thing. I know what you’re feeling buddy. Life throws us some fucked up balls from time to time, all we can do is fetch them and chew them into submission.


  9. Wow, I wish our vet had sent us a card like that when we had to put our dog of 13 years into peaceful slumber a few years back because of arthritis in his hind legs…four days before my birthday no less. I feel with you. It’s never a fun thing. *hugs* Go bug friends and/or family with pets to play with theirs, hehe. Believe me, that’s a fun thing. : )


  10. That is extremely thoughtful of them. Loosing a pet is never easy, but a reminder of all the amazing times your had together, is a great touch on the vets part,


  11. That was so sweet of them, and it’s sad at the same time… but at least you have something else to add to memory lane. His little paw print! I commented on your last entry, it was obviously a bit longer than the one I am about to submit. Again, I am sorry for your loss… I hope you and yours are taking it will. Take care! :hugs:


  12. Hi Kitta,

    I would just like to pass on my condolances. Harry was and still is a family member – all pets are so (or at least I believe so). To think people think you are silly is natural, but at the end of the day this is YOUR place to ‘blog’ – it’s your place to express yourself and you did that. I understand how you feel about losing your pet because I have felt the same with my little dog, duke. Just know that people have feltthe same as you are feeling now – and therefre understand what you are going through.
    Be well – Kat x


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