Perfect Place

I took a drive down to ‘Australia’s Marina of the Year’ last Sunday afternoon to have a look around, I have to say it’s quite peaceful and beautiful there, perfect spot for a relaxing Sunday arvo. It was also the perfect place to test my new Ricoh Caplio G4 wide camera.

All images are copyright 2004
All images are copyright 2004
All images are copyright 2004
All images are copyright 2004
All images are copyright 2004

Later that day, I sat out in my backyard taking photos of bell flowers as the warm sun went down, I was trying my hardest to keep the camera still enough to get a good picture, while Harry tried his hardest to get me to throw him his dog beer toy.

All images are copyright 2004
All images are copyright 2004

More images in the ‘Sunday Afternoon’ gallery.

19 Comments on “Perfect Place”

  1. I enjoy the pictures. It looked like a lovely day. It was a wonderful day here too, but I only took a few pictures of my cats sunbathing……


  2. Nice pic’s Kitta,beutiful clairity. If you take some really good Aussie nature pic’s, please allow downloads. I love nature pic’s. They would make for great wallpaper.


  3. Kitta I love your pictures! I seriously seriously love them! *blush* I know I’m getting a little to exited there. But still, thank you for sharing those. your sense of composition amazes me πŸ™‚


  4. One of my friends got a bunch of filters (UV + Polarized) which make a world of difference to the way the sky shows in the pictures, giving it a lot of definition and also defining borders very clearly. Unfortunately my camera, a Minolta can’t use filters!

    Great pics, when I saw them, I was reminded about my intense urge to buy a camera that uses filters.

    Greed is a bad thing, yeah, but poverty is worse πŸ™‚


  5. nice pics…I’m jealous and want a new camera too *sigh*
    Good job on self control and not buying another g lol *clap clap*

    on the subject of cameras…what not to do with a webcam…oh my…

    On that topic of robot army did you see the terminator on ebay?

    and on the subject of ebay lol…


  6. Thanks everyone. I’m glad you liked the photos.

    Anita, that was the last photo I ever took of him, I wish I had taken more. 😦

    To the people who asked about the camera, as I said in the entry, it’s a Ricoh Caplio G4 wide.

    Loddy, who spiked your drink?


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