My head cold did it

I have a head cold, I think. The first symptoms of a head cold are the same as the first symptoms for Ebola, but since I’ve been no where near the Congo, I’ll put it down to a head cold. The interesting this is said head cold likes to make up words, yeah I know, weird.

I woke up with head cold and it wasn’t until I started replying to email and writing some of my book (which was by far the worst thing I could do with a mind numbing headache) that I noticed that it was making up words. I’d normally put this down to some cold medication that I’ve taken, but since I’ve taken nothing I’m left at a loss. Some of the words head cold has made up today are:

  • Amazinish – Used when you do something amazing, that deserves the ‘ish’.
  • Perfecofuly – Something full and perfect, I guess, since the head cold can’t talk we’ll never know.
  • Lampalicious – A lamp which is cool and funky.
  • Carrotopia – Not really a word, more of a cool name for a farm that only grows carrots (after a quick google, I see it is also an imaginary country among other things).
  • Specuntic – Something which is spectacular, fun and fantastic all in one. Think fireworks.
  • Telovie – A movie made only for TV. Probably the only one to serve any purpose.

The pesky head cold also keep giving my brain odd thoughts, such as:

“Why don’t they put margarine on the sliced bread before they put it in the bag? Then it would be all-in-one and you wouldn’t have to wash any knifes afterwards.”

Brilliant head cold, we’ll get a noble prize for that one.

“I bet Paris Hilton was abducted by aliens and that explains the bruises, bloody aliens.”

Now I remember why I don’t watch ET.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a fish that blew bubbles, a bubblefish, yeah that would rock.”

That would kind of rock.

The head cold wants you to know that this entry was brought to you by the word Specfuntic.

22 Comments on “My head cold did it”

  1. Lol. The bubblefish idea is pretty spiffy. Ah. All the wonders a head cold can bring onto one self. Hopefully you get better asap but if you don’t start writing another book with bubblefish and two in one bread. That would be quite the interesting. I’d sure buy it. :p


  2. hi kitta. im in love with your jewellry. do you sell it? i know that may sound a bit daft, but…i just love it. so unique. you’re very talented. please let me know? thanks.


  3. hope you get better soon kitta. im in the middle of a normal body-ache kind of cold myself. it sucks because you look completely fine form the outside but little do my bosses know the internal suffering i am experiencing!


  4. Kitta, can I ask what your book is about? Also you should stay away from the funky medication. I.E the back stuff and cold stuff.
    Sounds like you get a little squirrley when medicated. Try a little weed, you will have fun and still stay grounded.


  5. This reminds me of a scetch on SNL (Saturday Night Live) with Will Ferrel. It was a skit where he was doing a monotoned book review for a made-up book, on a made-up show. Nonetheless, he goes on to say (along these lines): “That book was so good, there are no words to describe it… So I will make up a new word… Scrumtrillecent. Yes, that book was very Scrumtrillecent.” Ok, so thats not the exact words with the exception of “Scrumtrillecent”, but the moral of the story is Will Ferrel is one cool dude.


  6. head colds suck they are similar to allergies. thats what i am currently suffering from. They have been plagueing me since like april this is a shitty summer . Where is the fall… or your spring?


  7. Stu, Bob and Dan: “I’d normally put this down to some cold medication that I’ve taken, but since I’ve taken nothing I’m left at a loss” – As I said in my entry, I did not take any medication.

    Sasha, thank you for the comments about my jewellery. I’m currently working on the website and it should be done soon. Keep an eye on my site, I’ll blog about it when it’s finished.

    Porcelique, lets share some chicken soup and soothers. 🙂

    Dan, it’s a novel on the topic of blogging and that’s all I’ll say for now.

    Keddy, I get bad allergies in summer too. I think we’re still in winter here, it sure feels like winter, thunder storms last night.


  8. Nikita, your desktop screencap is pissing me off. I’ve seen that brown sponge-shaped dude before somewhere, and I know I should know who he is, but it doesn’t come to me… I’ve spent the last few days trying to figure it out. I’m about to go insane!


  9. Lachlan, that must be a re-vamped version, there is another version out there where a monkey just moves around and it has the same song in the background.

    Justers, its novel about blogging… I should add that to the colophon. :o/

    Daniel, it’s Domo Kun :o) –


  10. I created a word once, it was depoghinate (D- pah- gin- ate) it was the act of eating and drinking at the same time. i.e. I depoghinated a big bowl of cereal today. or who was depoghinating jello in here?


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