Monthly Archives: July 2004

Sit, Stay, Heel

I was once told dogs can understand over two dozen words, which got me thinking, what are some of the words that Harry understands? So I’ve put together a list of words Harry seems to recognise… Food – He’d personally love it if this was the only word I ever said. Mat – The thing […]

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No cookie for me

I have a confession to make. I’m taunting the subway guy. Yes, I know, it’s so very bad of me, but it’s just so much fun at the same time. Kind of like putting sunglasses on a dog, funny, but the dog hates it. How am I taunting him? Simply by entering the store with […]

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An open letter to my back

Dear lower back, Hello, how are you today? We’re having some really cold weather lately, aren’t we…? Ok, let me get straight to the point. I know that I’ve royally fucked you up in the past by falling on you and such, and that it’s taken me a while to sort out what was wrong […]

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