Introducing Tatiana

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce to you, Tatiana…


She’s a 20GB beauty full of class, style, and tunes. I’ve been spending the last few days getting to know her, and in that short time we’ve pinkie promised that we’ll never talk shit behind each others backs and always be the bestest friends for like, ever and ever, times ten.

(Yes, I know it’s weird to name my fucking iPod, but I’m also the person who names all of her computers after deceased pets. I’d like to thank Eric for giving her to me as an early birthday present.)

29 Comments on “Introducing Tatiana”

  1. ??? What?
    It should be strange to give objects names?
    Many of my (object) friends would be very angry with me if they didn’t have names ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Some tunes i like.

    19,99 GB remaining
    Keane – Everybody’s changing
    19’99 Gb remaining
    Joss Stone -Super Duper Love
    19’98 GB remaining
    Kings of Convenience – Misread.
    19’98 GB remaining
    Marlango – It’s all right.
    19’97 Gb remaining
    The polyphonic spree – Suitcase calling.

    I hope u like them too for your stylish Tatiana ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. That just sorta pisses me off… I got a fucking card for my last birthday! Oh well, I guess it’s the thought that counts…

    Still, an iPod would so totally be better than a happy-bday card.


  4. I bought a 15GB about 3 days before they stopped producing them and brought the 20GB price down.

    When I shelled out the cash, I named her Lola. Sexy and inviting. Now, I just call her “bitch.”


  5. My minidisc player was called Ralf. Ralf passed away when my six year old cousing thought the buttons were detachable. That same cousin buried my frisbee at the beach and forgot where he did it.

    Anyhoo, I suggest listning to some R.E.M.’s Reveal followed by Radiohead’s Kid A then moving onto a full on Kill Bill Soundtrack session. Can’t beat it.


  6. Happy birthday, Kitta!
    I got one of those the other day. I was looking at the new generation iPods but in the end the 20GB 3rd generation turned out to be a much better buy. Enjoy it!


  7. i got one of those too!
    but i have had to wait a couple of days for the usb cable as i dont have firewire and forgot you dont get one in the box.

    Happy birthday kitta!


  8. Tatiana is a hot piece of ass. Do you think Tatiana and my un-named 10 GB iPod can make little iPod minis together? That would be cool. They’d have little blue, green and pink minis wandering around singing tunes together and frolicking around the meadows….sweet.


  9. ewww it’s a MAC lol It’s the bastardized (sp?) child of a real computer lol Just kidding…but but its SO SO trendy and stuff…wow our kitta’s not sporting her cross anymore? =]

    *singing you say it your birthday…its my birthday too…ala 16 candles*

    sorry no gifts from me ma’am…my SO would kill me!


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