Monthly Archives: June 2004

It's all about the poise

I watched Miss Australia get crowned Miss Universe last night (it was a delayed telecast in Australia, you have to ‘pretend’ you don’t know who wins), and my favourite part of the whole event is always when the hosts say something along the lines of… “Now for the swimsuit competition, remember, we’re judging on personality, […]

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Lady Rikku

I was making some jewellery this morning when the phone rang, it was my friend candy… Candy: “Hey… You have to come see the puppy.” Nikita: “Puppy, what puppy?” Candy: “My puppy, I got a puppy today.” Nikita: “Oh ok, umm…” Candy: “YOU HAVE TO COME SEE THE PUPPY!” Nikita: “Yeah, I’m not sure when […]

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