Monthly Archives: January 2004

The Luscious Grassy Place movie

I borrowed a video of ‘Labyrinth’ from a friend a few days back and watched it today. So many memories came rushing back to me while watching it. I – like many people – loved ‘Labyrinth’ when I was little and couldn’t get enough of it. One of the other old movies I liked as […]

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Mary Carey?

We all get the various ‘enlarge your penis’ spam emails which don’t apply to you (especially if you’re like me and female), but have you ever received an email that has absolutely nothing to do with you? Take this email I received: From: ………… Sent: Thursday, 4 December 2003 12:49 PM To: kitta at […]

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What to do

I’ve been feeling displaced lately. I’ve been walking around my house looking for things to do, making too many pasta bakes and such. I think it’s due to my body getting used to the last few weeks of ‘christmas insanity’ as I like to call it. Christmas insanity is the feeling you get when clean, […]

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