Bye Dudes

You've really pissed us off this time!

Western Australia is being asked to set their clocks forward 3 hours so we can watch the commonwealth games live with everyone else in Australia. It’s not going down to well here and I say leave the bloody time alone!

Could you imagine that? The sun goes down around 7pm and comes up around 6am here, so if we wound the clocks forward by 3 hours the sun would go down at 10pm and come up at 9am. I’m telling you, they’re just trying to fuck with Westies minds.

We should just find out how we can break Western Australia away from the rest of Australia and float down to chill with Antarctica. It will be a nice cool change from all this heat and we’ll get to play with snow. Then when the rest of Australia is ready to apologise for treating us wrongly, we might come back, but they’ll have to promise to make more concerts tour Western Australia.

44 Comments on “Bye Dudes”

  1. Kitta, I’m really laughing my ass off over here! Where the hell did you get a map of Aus without the Northern Territory?? Especially on the internet.. i know it’s been aroun since longer than cyberspace!
    You’d best be making me some funky bead stuff!!! AND… If you abdicate from Aus and move away… you’ll just become New Zealand! HAHAHHAAH


  2. I cant believe they are asking you to do that.. Im in SA and there is noway I would want to do that if they asked us. I totally agree with you on the concerts part too .. bring more this way aswell.. I am sure you get many more concerts then we do


  3. Hehe welcome to my world. I love that the sun goes down at like 8:30/9, You get a longgg day. It was quite weird when I went over to Perth, the times screwed me up a bit, haha.

    But I agree that bands/musicians should tour there more, I can’t live without my concerts! My best friends moving over there in about 2 weeks. =[ She’s coming to Big Day Out with me as a last Melbourne concert thing, hehe.. Should be good..

    Anyways, have a great weekend and take care. xoo


  4. I loved it back home, sunrise at about 7am, sunset at about 7pm, all year round.

    On the subject of home… as Ella pointed out… I was under the impression that I grew up in the Northern Territory, not South Australia. The “Google images” excuse is weak weak weak, yuo should’ve checked it πŸ˜›

    Also, be thankful that artists actually go to Perth, the lack of reasonable music in Darwin is appaling, although some excellent local talent always included Darwin on their tours (Regurgitator, Silverchair, Powderfinger).

    Oh yeh and you don’t have to put up with croc dundee stereotypes πŸ˜›


  5. Welcome to the real world….. welll not really takes more then 4 hours difference for wa to catch up to the rest of australia, try about 30 years or so πŸ™‚



  6. I don’t think you would like that to much Hon!!! I am in Boston right now and it is Jan 16, 2004 To day its ‘ -15 F’ fifteen below zero. your little bottom would be pretty cold :)) On summit of Mount Washington new Hampshire is -100F with wind and with out -41F. is that cold enough for you?

    Dan M.
    Boston, Ma USA

    Jan 16,2004


  7. Can’t they just find a way to broadcast it live in Western Australia? I’ve never heard of anything like this before. I agree! Break off and chill with Antartica.


  8. Yeah, I’m with Dan… frozen here in northeaster USA and believe me, you don’t want cold… I’d rather be bobbing up and down in the Red Sea right now…

    So they want to change the time zones just for a few weeks for these games… That’s more whacked than I originally thought…


  9. Uhhhh, can’t they just tell everyone in your time zone to watch the damn thing whatever time it comes on, rather than changing the frickin time???? Madness, I tell you…MADNESS!!!


  10. My girlfriend’s sister wants all Canadians to go down to the US border to dig a ditch all the way across the continent and push ourselves away.


  11. ok ok kitta
    Being a resident in WA, how come i haven’t heard anything about this winding forward time thing? It’s a joke surely, seeing the lympic games, being far bigger than the commonwealth games, did not require any clock changes….

    but succession from the rest of Australia would be a lovely thing. I mean, what’s australia without all that ore, gold and natural gas huh?

    what we need is some shovels and the world’s biggest collection of pool floaties to keep the whole thing buoyant…



  12. Zalex makes some excellent points… firstly, who give a toss about the commonwealth games, they are a bag of shite, just so that the crap countries can feel better about ourselves!
    Secondly, it’s not just ore adn gold we need, but Argyle diamonds and Broome pearls too!
    Then again, it’s true that Adelaide gets NO musicians.. we had to have a petition to get Crustina Aguilera… and thats pretty sad!!!!


  13. In your current cam pic you are wearing a gold medal … how did you win that ?? or is it a piece of Kitta ™ jewellery ??

    You also has a strange aura, with light emanating from her head … freaky but beautiful.


  14. wow, who the hell came up with that??? well, I’m not Australish so i dont know what you western australians may have againt the rest of the country, but it would deffinitelly be kinda cool to see a big chunk of continent break off and float away. kind alike California is set to do sometime


  15. Ella… if it makes you feel any better, we don’t get that many ood bands touring here either…although we usually rant and rave about bands picking adelaide over perth!!



  16. Here I am gain to give you a weather report. Today it hit a heat wave of 0 F. it little better then when i wrote the last time to you. I am sure if you was here, you would find plenty of guys to warm up that little cold bottom for you lol, lol. Just joking with you. good job on the site.

    Boston, Ma USA
    Bean town


  17. “And the page took forever and a day to load over broadband.”

    Dear Kitta, welcome to the wonderful world of politics. Anyway whats the deal with Western Aussies watching the games a couple of hours later? Big whoop…it doesn’t even matter.

    tell you what…run for office for western aus. and suggest that during every world cup, be it Cricket (Aus. wins), rugby (Aus. wins) or football (England doesn’t win) the whole world changes your clocks to be exactly the same, so we can all watch it at the same time. It’ll be in Germany in 2006, so youll be watching a 9pm match as the sun is rising. Thats perfectly logical innit? lol.. πŸ˜›

    Nice mother of pearl necklace. And NOW i know what they do in Western Australia….breed beautiful women. I wonder what the export tarrifs are?!


  18. I was gonna leave a stupid unrelated message here but thats what your forum is for sooo I’ll leave lotsa stupid notes there. By the way I think it would be good if the sun rose at 9am, coz it rises an hour before I get up so I could sleep in till 8 instead of getting up at 6 or something. I dont make sense I need chocolate *sigh*


  19. hehe I just realised if you clicked little red monkey he scolds you. And another scary thing little red monkey can materialise onto paper. How scary is this I was in a lecture and little red monkeys started to manifest themselves onto my notes in fluro coloured pen. Whats even scarier is he even had a message saying “Look at me I’m now a little green monkey mwuahhahaha” followed by messages saying “Go you little red, pink, green orange monkey”… Seriously this is alarming if he can manifest himself of the screen and onto paper its only a matter of time before he takes over the world. Just a warning.


  20. In regards to the light or Aura coming from Kittas head in the cam pic, it’s actually coming from Kitta’s fairy lamp on her chest of drawers, rotflmao hahahahaha Sorry Kits I loves ya 😑


  21. Kitta, can South Australia come with you? The real part I mean? I think the Victorian Government is trying to take over Australia…grrrr
    But, whoever said Adelaide doesn’t get musicians is almost totally right, Korn doesn’t realise that Australia is comprised of more than 3 states, but their tourmates are coming here (though not going to Perth or Darwin).
    The live music scene probably doesn’t do as well cause for some reason, touring bands don’t think it’s feasible to go to the smaller states – 😦


  22. that’s weird. do they expect to actually pull that off? what happened after the games?

    …so many questions.

    well, you blog rocks my socks so I linked you, hope you don’t mind



  23. eek.. I just found out that they wanted to put south australia forward half an hour.. not that half an hour is a big deal really but its still HALF AN HOUR!!!!!!!!!! Bloddy big shots over there think that we will fall over and do anything for them.. god if we asked sydney and that to turn their clocks 3 hours back they would laugh their heads off at us…. no way…


  24. Hi Kitta, I just stumbled across your blog cause I am studying abroad in Australia for 4-5 months. I am on the Gold Coast and was wonderring if there were any places in Western Australia that would be worth visiting besides Perth? Thanks


  25. I know that this is indeed an old post but I have to comment.

    It is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard. I’m a westie too and i just got back from spending three hours in vic. It’s totally bloody bizarre, the sun doesn’t set there until 10pm, totally freaky! I wouldn’t get use to it.



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