A modern day Succubi

Pronounced – “Kit-ah”

  • A very hot individual, often one who goes well with red jello and body chocolate. A sex-kitten, silly, yet smart.
  • A modern day Succubi, minus the evil demonic stuff… Just very kinky.
  • “I am trying to concentrate in my classes, but there is a Kitta who sits right next to me. Sort of hard to write an essay with a boner the size of a cannon.”

You got to love the urban dictionary.

11 Comments on “A modern day Succubi”

  1. Ooh.. ooh… I get to post first. You need like a small bio they put in encylopedias, like your author bit.
    Thanks for replying to my email, even if it was a weeeeee bit slow (6 months).



  2. Stupid, ugly little paki person. often has a distinct odour, which smells sim ilar to that of death.

    damn, that kid is shaan!

    i dislike this dictionarry 😦


  3. I found it while I was serching ‘kitta’ on google, I was looking through the pages to see if they’ve listed me under ‘kitta’ (which they haven’t). Funny stuff though, I wonder who added me to it?


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