Doors can kill

I put up the christmas tree and lights yesterday, I forgot how hard it is to put up that tree. I spent 2 hours bending it into shape and swearing at it (like it was alive and messing with me) until it finally resembled a tree. All it needs now is the presents to start building up under it. πŸ˜‰

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I was so tired this morning when I got up, I must have fallen asleep while walking to the bathroom and ended up walking into a door. Which woke me up right away, nothing like walking into a door in the morning to wake you up. Reminds me of the TV ads in Australia that tell you not to drive while tired. Doors can kill, don’t walk and sleep.

Anyways, has gone over the 100gb bandwidth again this month, bugger. I think it may be a mix the new pages and webcam being linked to by everyone and their dog. I must try and get it down.

I love Thinkgeek, I have their binary blankie and cHix0r shirt. And I was checking out the new stuff today when I saw that they now have a few shirts for dogs, yes dogs. If only Harry would wear things and not tear them into 1 million bits when I turn my back to him, I could get him the ‘Humans Are Stupid’ shirt or even the ‘W00f!’ shirt from him to wear. πŸ˜€

34 Comments on “Doors can kill”

  1. Christmas Trees are evil, plus walking into doors can hurt.. i do it nearly every day.. im a crap morning person… “doors are evil”


  2. nice lookin tree, but ure gonna need some pressies soon πŸ™‚ i really like what you have done with the site, wordpress is a really good system, ive been using it for years, but recently switched to mt. will seet your link up today, i really like your site.


  3. Ahhhh the binary blankie! I love thinkgeek, as soon as I can get my hands on a credit card, I want to get my boyfriend the “geek” and “will work for bandwith” tees.
    I’m awful at putting up Christmas trees… put mine up for me? πŸ˜›


  4. Kayhardrin – Nah, the picture was taken after, my shoulder was one of the first things to hit it, but I didn’t hurt myself badly.

    Erin – I love those ‘will work for bandwidth’ shirts too, I wish they made one for chicks though. I’ve been wanting their ‘digital angel’ shirt fro ages now, it looks cool. Haha, no way, I’m not putting up another tree for a longggg time. (A year)

    Tox – Ummm, because I took hot pills lol. I don’t know, I kind of think I look silly half the time.


  5. Lmao, your posts still crack me up, lol. Your christmas tree looks soo cute, I think we’re getting ours soon, but we get real ones so we leave it to the last minute so it stays alive longer. Knowing our house with no air con, it’ll shrivel up and look like a bush or something. lol.

    Lol @ the Humans are Stupid, lol. Take care! x.


  6. If you think ‘doors can kill’ I should warn you ‘Doorframes can cause stitches’
    I may have smashed my head very hard into the top of the doorframe once, causing a 1.5inch slice in my head and requiring a good number of stitches.. I also hurt my back as I landed flat on it about 4 nanoseconds after splitting my head..
    What a fun day that was!


  7. I wish you lived around here Kitta, You seem like you would be a fun person to hang out with. All we got for entertainment around here is Mark….. enough said right?


  8. I’ve put up 2 Christmas trees so far (still have 1 left) and I’ve also sworn that they were alive and messing with me too!

    Well Kitta, despite your tiny text ;), I think I read your entire page. It’s rare to find someone who has a website solely for themselves, and I think that is such a great quality to have. I think those make the best webpages.

    Also, walking around on your toes is pretty cool too. I was in ballet for 7 years when I was a little tike and whenever I’m shoeless, I still walk around on my toes. I get made fun of for it here and there.

    I hope you don’t mind if I link you..


  9. Lmao, hot pills. They’re like those ‘bigger penis’ pills. I have no idea why I said hot pills last night, I must have been tired and said the first thing that came to mind.

    Matt – I have to ask, why were you smashing your head into a door frame? It’s not like it’s a fun pass time or anything.

    Jan – Email is required for leaving comments because I turned it on in wordpress.

    Kayhadrin – RSS is pretty much a feed of updates to a blog, you have a newsreader that updates and tell you the second a blog that you have linked updates. It’s very cool, I use it and link to all my dailies (well, the ones that have RSS feeds) and any news websites. The meta is just a mix of feeds, mobile versions of my blog and other random things.

    Amanda – I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking that the trees were alive and messing with me. I don’t mine if you link me either. πŸ™‚

    My boys – Yeah we really have an odd obsession with chatting through blog comments. WTF is up with that. Maybe we should pick a random blog and just start chatting in the comments, it’ll freak out the owner. – Freaky, that site reminds me a lot of another one, hmmm…


  10. Kitta, I smacked my head on the doorframe, because i am a GRADE A PILLOCK!.. and was in a bouncy mood, i bounced though the doorway, forgetting it was the lowest in my house.

    Learn my lesson though. Until I fell down the stairs… but that’s another tale.


  11. Kitta, I’m just a guy from Canada who sleeps while you’re awake. I love your sites new look and the random cam pics(great idea).
    Note to self: “need life”


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