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From: André Sent: Thursday, 30 January 2003 12:09 PM To: Kitta mty name is andre and i love u ahah ium a brsilian buy asow im a drunk now because im love you love so much you, i put a tasto wiht your nume in me soooo i love you baby i love you so […]

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Kitta is

Googlism for Kitta… kitta is an active trial attorney with 23 years of proven quality winning courtroom experience kitta is well respected as an aggressive litigator in alameda county kitta is a baby katta kitta is one big throbbing heart who takes in the world kitta is cute and huggable in all of them kitta […]

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Who won survivor thailand?

Yesterday afternoon my mother rang me about something important (well she thought it was). I answered and she sais, “I have something important to ask you… Who won survivor thailand?” I said I didn’t know and then said “clearly your really working hard today, aren’t you mum?”. She laughed and told me one of the […]

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