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  • 2005 Predictions
    “My sarcastic predictions for 2005…”
  • 2007 Predictions
    “My sarcastic predictions for 2007…”
  • 2008 Predictions
    “Ladies, gentlemen, drunk people who are waking up from NYE induced paralysis, ninjas, and pirates; here are my 2008 predictions for your perusal…”
  • Emailing England
    “My mother isn’t very good with computers, sure she can type up letters and play solitaire, but anything to do with the internet eludes her, especially when it comes to email…”
  • Leet WoW Hacker
    “I was doing some grocery shopping today, and as I stood in the pasta aisle perusing mediterranean vegetable sauces I overheard this conversation between two middle aged ladies…”
  • My McDonalds Milkshake
    “I was out shopping today, getting some basic things, when I overheard two young girls talking. They must have been between 8 and 10, but they liked to act like they were more 12 to 14, testing out the make up and acting older then they are…”
  • No Cookie For Me
    “I have a confession to make. I’m taunting the subway guy. Yes, I know, it’s so very bad of me, but it’s just so much fun at the same time. Kind of like putting sunglasses on a dog, funny, but the dog hates it…”
  • On Behalf of Firefox
    “The phone rings and I pick it up, because that is what one does with a phone…”
  • One Boring Sunday
    “Have you ever read the side of a deodorant can? The part where it warns you against puncturing the can or exposing it to heat? Well, one boring Sunday afternoon during the boring July school holidays of 1998 my brother, a few friends and I read the side
  • Paused
    “My life has been set on pause for the last few months…”
  • Stop, Trolley Thief
    “Dear Trolley Thief, we met today at the supermarket. Do you remember? I left my trolley full of food and some of my mail unattended for only a few seconds with the belief that no one is desecrate enough to steal another shoppers trolley. Oh how I was wr
  • SuperShadow or SuperStupid?
    “I’m not one to ever use the ‘get a life’ card online, but for once, I think its needed in this situation…”
  • Two Cops and Me in a Towel
    “It was a normal day in July, 2000. I had just woken up and I was walking to the bathroom when I noticed my brother jumping the fence. He’d forgotten his keys, again. I jumped in the shower and started to sing to as one does when showering…”