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Kitta’s Formulas

The last two weeks have been filled with revision for mid-semester tests and assessments in lab. During the ions revision and mole calculations I got bored and drafted the following formula...


The formula is a sexy rule for submissive and dominate solutions. It covers the basics; element of sex, how many positive and negative ion-emotions are involved, and allows for a porn variant. Yeah, baby. ;)

Will try to think of a new formula for next week.

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  1. Chem Nerd Alert!

  2. Theoretical rule or result of rigorous testing?

  3. You’re such a queer.

    Luckily that’s why we love you :P

  4. Kitta you are such a nimbi lol lol I bet you have your whip and hand cuffs at all time lol lol Naughty girl you .. :))

  5. :grin:
    Pure LOL. I think that this formula apply the girl. However, as the Man I can not agree with the several statements

    Dom^2 + Sub^2 is more like Se–+ cause the system will have Se2- as the base for the Man.

    Everything else is quite good though ))))

    Hey! What about the formula transitions? Can you move |Se| through the expression?

  6. :idea: this post is kind-of funny, i think, in the midst of a boring study…you’ve made a clever formula that’s amusing! :smile:

  7. Haha, that is fantastic! That’s something I would do.

  8. awesome.

    late night sessions + imagining atoms colliding = well, this.

    which isn’t surprising:

    but of course, that’s for American Ivy girls. Aussies must be a different chart non? hehe

    specially with image #1.


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